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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] help desperately needed a.k.a. can't get any of the 3 major free xslt engines to work

> -----Original Message-----
> From: chris.chiasson@gmail.com 
> [mailto:chris.chiasson@gmail.com] 
> (whoops! forgot to echo it out)
> I think I had the xi prefix declared on the book element above it
> (oXygen would have screamed bloody murder (silently) otherwise :-] ).

When you open
ml in Firefox, it looks as if it has no namespace delarations. Odd, that.

> When I tried Xerces 2.7.1, with the rest of the command line being the
> same, it crashed with the message shown on the bottom of this page:
> http://google.com/notebook/public/14649681167057381121/BDUGKIg
> oQ0ZXI4tgh

OK, you need another JAR file to be added to your classpath: xml-apis.jar
(isn't this fun?). It should be in the Xerces distro.


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