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Subject: Advice on Java DocBook DOMSource() to PDF

I wrote a Java web application that is packaged in a WAR
file and runs on a JBoss server.  The Java application
creates a valid, DocBook DOMSource().  I can transform this
DOMSource() into an XML file and manually run xsltproc
using the docbook-xsl-1.64.1 stylesheets. Then I manually run
fop-0.20.5 to generate the PDF I want from it.

But, what I really want to do is to automatically generate PDF
from the DocBook DOMSource() in my Java web application so that
users can directly view a PDF file that is generated from a
database query.

Does anyone have any advice on the best method to do this?

As a first step, I tried to use the
Transformer.transform(Source, Result)
XSL transformer in Java with the docbook-xsl-1.64.1
stylesheets, but I get these errors for xhtml/docbook.xsl:

11:22:37,434 INFO  [STDOUT] SystemId Unknown; Line #85; Column #15; Can not
load requested doc: C:\Jboss\jboss-4.0.\bin\..\common\l10n.xml
11:22:37,434 INFO  [STDOUT] SystemId Unknown; Line #95; Column #20; No
localization exists for "en" or "". Using default "en".
11:22:37,434 INFO  [STDOUT] Unknown error in XPath.

Now I'm stuck and am wondering if this is the
right path to go down for what I'm trying to do.
Maybe the docbook-xsl stylesheets aren't designed
to be usable in a WAR or JAR file and transformed
using the Java Transformer class?

Don Adams

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