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Subject: DocBook Slides' Customization Parameter description NOT up-to-date?


Is it possible that the customization parameter
description for DocBook Slides at
is not up-to-date?

At least the timestamp on this page says: $Id:
param.xweb,v 1.6 2004/03/04 14:49:51 kosek Exp $

When I check the ChangeLog file of the current DocBook
Slides version I can see that a number of
customization parameter related changes have been done
in the mean time.

Here an extract of these changes which are not
documented in above web page:

2004-11-05  Norman Walsh

	* plain.xsl: Use foil properties

2004-09-30  Jirka Kosek <kosek@users.sourceforge.net>

	* plain.xsl: Added attribute-set to easy control
appearance of footer

Is that correct? Since these changes occur in
fo/plain.xsl I think they are somewhat essential to my
previous post concerning customization parameters and



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