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Subject: JAXP and docbook-xsl Stylesheets

I am trying to use the JAXP Transformer in my Java code
to translate valid docbook article XML 
into valid XHTML and FO XML. I am having a major problem with
the use of the non-breaking space code   in
the docbook-xsl stylesheets. The cause of the problem 
is perfectly described under "5. Be careful with 
nonbreaking spaces" on this web page:


To summarize, special characters in the docbook-xsl
stylesheets are transformed into the actual special characters
in the output of the transformation when the transformation
method is selected as "xml".  So, for example, when
a transformation is done into FO XML, a table title in the
FO XML output contains "Table 1. xxxxx"; however, the spaces
after the word "Table" and after "1." are not the ASCII space 
character, they are a single character code 160
(a non-breaking space) which is not valid in an XML file.
From everything I've read, it seems like this is the
correct behavior and other transformers such as xsltproc
replace the single character codes with ASCII characters
on their own as a post process.

For XHTML, I set the output method to "html" instead of
"xml" for the Transformer.  This generated   in
the output instead of the single character code 160. This is
acceptable for me because browsers will display the output
of the transformation even though it is not technically valid XHTML.

For FO XML, I don't see a work-around for the problem
other than hand-modifying the docbook-xsl stylesheets
to either replace all the special characters with a
valid ASCII character, or use the disable-output-escaping
XSL attribute (which looks very difficult and support for
this attribute is not a requirement of XSLT processors).

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?


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