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Subject: No Page Breaks just normal flow? + Problem with link


i dont want page-breaks in my pdf output e.g the howto.pdf of docbook has also no page breaks and i want something like this because i have pages with a chapter and only 2 lines of text and then the next chapter should start?

i also have something like this 
<para> here is text <link  xlink:href="http://www.msn.com"; >			http://www.msn.com </link>
here is another text</para>

in my pdf output it looks like:

here       is    text    http://www.msn.com
[http://www.msn.com] here is another text

before the link i get to many white spaces?  i dont know why? after the link the output is normal with one space between the words?

thx regards pod69
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