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Subject: Where to keep Logo in DocBook XML for slides?


what is best practize to store a logo in an DocBook
XML document.

I thought it was always good to keep an image with its
parent like:

  <holder>Company A

However when I do so, stylesheets like DocBook Slide's
plain.xsl will print all of <copyright> including the
image. Like in a footer where I only want the
copyright info and not the image in footer's center.

So far I have the problem with:

<fo:table-cell text-align="center">

Here all from <copyright> becomes printed including
the logo which I do not want :(

One way to get around this would be, to not put the
image into <copyright> but to keep it separately and
use a static variable. Is that good practize?

How do you store things like a logo in your DocBook



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