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Subject: Re: xml catalogs xerces, saxon, and olinking (target database is picked up as relative to docbook-xsl)

How nice, in the result html file, the images all use full paths
instead of relative paths. I thought that problem was endemic to
oXygen. Now I see that it's a little more widespread. However, I am
sure someone has a workaround. Is this why keep.relative.image.uris
was invented?

On 9/18/06, Chris Chiasson <chris@chiasson.name> wrote:
> target.xml is the the name of my olink target.database.document. I
> have an XML catalog that is found via CatalogManager.properties using
> xerces + the commons resolver. I don't know if this is relevant, but
> the path to CatalogManager.properties is specified in URL form (I
> don't know any other way to do it on windows):
> catalogs=file:///C:/Program%20Files/docbook-xsl/docbook-xsl-1.71.0/catalog.xml
> Anyway, with a verbosity level of 99, I can see:
>      [java] Stripping NS from DocBook 5/NG document.
>      [java] Processing stripped document.
>      [java] Writing target.db for book(Engineering_Optimization)
>      [java] resolveURI(target.xml)
>      [java] Resolved URI: target.xml
>      [java]     file:/C:/Program%20Files/docbook-xsl/docbook-xsl-1.71.0/html/target.xml
>      [java] resolveURI()
>      [java] Resolved URI:
>      [java]     file:/C:/Program%20Files/docbook-xsl/docbook-xsl-1.71.0/html/profile-docbook.xsl
>      [java] Recoverable error
>      [java] Failure reading
> file:/C:/Program%20Files/docbook-xsl/docbook-xsl-1.71.0/html/target.xml:
> C:\Program Files\docbook-xsl\docbook-xsl-1.71.0\html\target.xml (The
> system cannot find the file specified)
>      [java] Olink error: could not open target database 'target.xml'.
>      [java] Error: unresolved olink: targetdoc/targetptr = 'self/HW1_Appendix'.
> I guess the stylesheet calls for target.xml and the catalog says, no
> problem, that's right next to you - here's the URL. How does one make
> it use the target database catalog in the folder next to my xml files
> instead of next to the docbook stylesheets. xsltproc didn't have this
> problem, but I ran into more weird xsltproc db5 incompatabilities and
> decided to drop it.
> --
> http://chris.chiasson.name/


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