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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook2wordml documentation


The ideal I'm looking for is the extension of the 
excelent Bob book work to take into account word, 
as FOP or HTML process and parametrization is 
described. Nevertheless, no problem if it only exists tech. doch.

In fact, i'm looking for parametrization 
documentation. This includes stylesheets 
parameters, the way the template works how to 
integrate specific "word model template 
information" and "word header and footer" 
information and the way to "include" images and math.

Hope this helps to understand what I'm looking 
for. Of course, I can participate to/enhance any 
initial docomentation that someone begins to make.

Regards, Pierre

At 00:49 19/09/2006, Steve Ball wrote:
>Hi Pierre,
>The documentation on the round-tripping system is mostly technical at
>the moment.  Are you looking for documentation on how to use the
>stylesheets, or more for an authoring guide?  Both of these are
>things that we're looking into.
>Steve Ball

Pierre Attar (mailto:pat@tireme.fr)
Consultant en informatique documentaire XML
Consultant in Structured Document engineering
Tirème SARL (http://www.tireme.fr)

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