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Subject: Source of Docbook + MathML -> PDF examples?

    A standards group I work with (Khronos) is interested in migrating
to Docbook as the basis for our future specification documents. To do
that, we'll need to be able to author complex technical specs including
considerable amounts of imbedded math and diagrams, and generate PDF out
the back end.

    I've been through a bunch of the FAQs and howtos, but have not been
able to find a clear answer of how we'd go about this. My preferred path
would be using imbedded MathML, as we are already using Docbook 4.3 +
MathML -> XHTML + MathML for man pages and it's working well. But I'm
not sure of the state of MathML->PDF support in e.g. FOP.

    So, to get to the point - can anyone point me to examples of
documents and toolchains for Docbook+MathML -> PDF documents, that I
would be able to download and build myself on both Fedora Core 5 and Win
XP? I'm really hoping to be able to locate an actual document I can
experiment with - email explanations are not necessarily easy to
translate into practice. It would be a big plus if the example uses only
toolchain components I can get prepackaged for FC5 in RPM form.


    Jon Leech

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