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Subject: Docbook + MathML "state of the art"?

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 07:38:13PM -0500, Chris Chiasson wrote:
> I wouldn't suggest converting through Mathematica either. I was just
> telling you how I did it because it might seem weird to have three
> sources for each equation (PNG raster, EPS vector, MathML) if one
> didn't know it came from a common source.
> After seeing your PDF, I will say the following:
> To get the same kind of results you presently have, you need an XSL-FO
> engine that natively handles MathML, some combination of DocBook and
> LaTeX (dblatex), some multi-stage toolchain, or your present tools.
> You seem interested in FOP, because it is free. FOP (and XEP) are only
> going to output something that looks like math if a program in your
> tool chain either rasterizes the math (as PNG) or vectorizes it into
> SVG (and even then I dunno if FOP handles SVG - I think it has to go
> through rasterization in Batik first). SVG Math, an open source python
> script, can turn MathML into (basline adjusted) SVG.

    That's very helpful to know, though disappointing. I've been hoping
that there would be simple and well-integrated solutions for doing math
in Docbook - after all, LaTeX has done this for 20 years, and certainly
simple equations are in the scope of the self-description on docbook.org
- but it sounds like what I want may be beyond the current state of the

> It would be good to turn this thread into a MathML "state of the
> DocBook". If someone has info on, for instance, MathML -> (SVG Math)
> -> SVG -> (Batik) -> PNG -> (FOP) -> PDF (a completely open source
> toolchain), then it would be good to get it down in here for the
> benefit of future users.

    That would be wonderful - thread title changed in the hope of
drawing out comments.


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