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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook + MathML "state of the art"?

>> You seem interested in FOP, because it is free. FOP (and XEP) are only
>> going to output something that looks like math if a program in your
>> tool chain either rasterizes the math (as PNG) or vectorizes it into
>> SVG (and even then I dunno if FOP handles SVG - I think it has to go
>> through rasterization in Batik first). SVG Math, an open source python
>> script, can turn MathML into (basline adjusted) SVG.

Indeed Fop uses Batik to handle SVG, but it doesn't rasterize them;
meaning that for vectorial output formats like PDF the SVG will be
rendered using vectorial drawing operators.

As for MathML rendering, there is a plugin named JEuclid [1] which
renders MathML to SVG, which then is processed by Batik. It had been
abandoned for a while but I think the development has restarted.

The whole chain may still lack a bit of maturity, but for simple enough
formulas this may already work well. I haven't tried myself.


[1] http://jeuclid.sourceforge.net/

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