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Subject: formatting code/xml fragments?

I've tried to search for information on this, but the search terms  
have too much overlap with the underlying technology to tease out  
what I'm looking for.

Which is... Has anyone customized the stylesheets in order to format  
source code for display in HTML or PDF?  I'm interested in something  
that produces a color-coded output for XML source.  I'm currently  
using XInclude to draw in an entire source XML file as follows:

       <xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude";  
href="../../schema/layout.xml" parse="text">
         <xi:fallback>document not found!</xi:fallback>

This has three deficiencies:

1) In PDF output long lines are truncated on the right side
2) Because it is parsed as text it isn't possible to use XPointer to  
grab a section of the source document
3) The result is plain black on white, which isn't as readable as if  
it were formatted

I realize I'm addressing a lot of issues in one message, but have  
others devised ways to handle this already?

Duane Gran

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