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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] height of rows in tables

Hi Ron,
I didn't say to change the table.cell.padding attribute set, which is 
applied generally.  I suggested removing the reference to it from the 
template named 'empty.table.cell'.  But now that I think about it, that 
wouldn't work because with the comment these cells are not empty, so that 
template would not be applied.

My point was that you are seeing vertical spacing in the those cells that 
is caused by top and bottom padding in the table cell.  You'll need to 
remove that padding to get control over the row height.  I think you have 
to customize the template named table.cell.properties from fo/table.xsl to 
override the attribute set for those cells with just a comment.  That would 
require an xsl:choose statement to apply padding-top="0pt" and 
padding-bottom="0pt" if the cell contains only a comment.

Regarding negative row height, I was just quoting the XSL-FO spec (a height 
property is converted to a block-progression-dimension):

"Negative values for block-progression-dimension.minimum, 
block-progression-dimension.optimum, and 
block-progression-dimension.maximum are invalid and are treated as if "0pt" 
had been specified."

It seems XEP is non conforming in this respect.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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From: "Ron Catterall" <ron@catterall.net>
To: <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 2:23 PM
Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] height of rows in tables

> Bob
> Wouldn't manually removing the padding-top="2pt" and padding-bottom="2pt" 
> apply to all rows - then I'd have to set row-height for every row?
> I get no error messages when setting negative row-heights.
> When I set row-height="0cm" (without removing any padding) I get a 
> different result from -3cm - see attached file and compare the second row 
> up from the bottom (0cm) with the fourth row up (-3cm).  The -3cm is 
> narrower, and the 0cm same as the default value.  Surely some negative 
> row-height is being deducted from the default?
> Ron
>>Hi Ron,
>>I can't explain your results.  According to the XSL-FO spec, negative 
>>height values are not allowed, and are probably interpreted as 0mm.  You 
>>might compare -3mm to 0mm to see if they differ (they shouldn't).
>>However, I can achieve a zero height row by setting row-height="0mm", all 
>>cells containing just a comment, *and* manually removing the 
>>padding-top="2pt" and padding-bottom="2pt" that are put into each cell by 
>>the stylesheet.  The padding is added by the table.cell.padding attribute 
>>set.  You should customize the template named 'empty.table.cell' from 
>>fo/table.xsl to remove the reference to that attribute set.  Then your mm 
>>values should accurately represent the height of the row.
>>I didn't try to get this working with HTML, but the cell padding may be 
>>an issue there as well.
>>Bob Stayton
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> Ron Catterall, Phd, DSc email: ron@catterall.net
> Prolongacion de Hidalgo 140 http://catterall.net/
> San Felipe del Agua tel: +52 951 520 1821
> Oaxaca      68020 Mexico fax: +1 530 348 8309
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