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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Chapter names in xrefs to sections

Chris Chiasson wrote:
> I think the relevant parameter is called chapter.autolabel or
> something like that. When you turn that on, it will number chapters.
> Once chapters are numbered, then it makes sense to reference a section
> by "Chapter 1 Section 2: blah blah", and the stylesheets should then
> do that automatically.
> Then again, maybe I remember incorrectly.

"chapter.autolabel" alone doesn't help here. I have it set to the
default value, "1", and yes --- the chapters are numbered. But it
doesn't make the xref titles as I want.

But you set me on the right track to hunt harder for a variable that
controls it. It turns out that my solution is the
When set to 1, section numbers always contain chapter numbers (e.g. 1st
section in 2nd chapter is called "Section 2.1" instead of just "Section
1"), and this makes the xrefs' to these sections look good.



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