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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] single column title page and two-column body on same pdf page

Brett Gossage <bgossage@invariant-corp.com>, 2006-10-01 20:00 -0500:

> Technical articles often require two-column format with the title and
> abstract on the first page. With no page break between.
> I have a customization layer for pdf output that provides all the content
> and formatting to the get the title, abstract, and body in the format
> required. The page break remains unsolved. After considerable digging, in
> appears the title page and body are always generated in separate
> page-sequences which are required to generate page breaks in xsl:fo. My
> attempts to modify the templates to put them in the same page sequence
> result in fop (0.92) errors.

As an alternative it might be worthwhile to try dblatex:


I think the type of customization you need to do would be easier
to achieve in dblatex. I don't know how specifically to do it, but
if you post a question to the dblatex-users list, I'm sure you can
get a quick response.


Ideally, the standard DocBook XSL stylesheets should provide an
option to generate FO output that matches the style you describe
(the style used in many technical journals), but unless/until they
do, I think dblatex may be the better tool for doing it.


Michael(tm) Smith


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