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Subject: DocBook HTML and MHT Conversion Issues

docbook-rng-5.0b8, xsl-1.71.0, saxon-6.5.5, oxygen-7.2.0 (eclipse-3.2 plugin)


While this subject may be somewhat off-topic, it directly affects my ability to post DocBook html to a major (thousands of members) Intranet portal.


Need to convert html/docbook.xsl and possibly html/chunk.xsl output to Microsoft (ugh, yea I know) .mht format as a requirement for HTML authoring is a single file publication.


Current tools (IE, Easy-Save-MHT, BlockNote.net, and  MHT-Quick-Saver don’t seem to correctly map DocBook HTML same-directory and relative references to mht archive inclusion, instead mapping an absolute URL to the source archive for both.


Additionally, most tools ignore DocBook HTML embedded CSS.


Lastly, chunking could be implemented if the aforementioned issues are resolved and chunks are restricted to chapters (do the latter now).


Advice please.





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