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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] About index and symbols in french

On 4 oct. 06, at 05:13, Bob Stayton wrote:

> You have a couple of options.  If you are using version 1.70.1 of  
> the stylesheets, you can switch to index.method="kosek".  You will  
> need to use Saxon or Xalan, and you will need to xsl:import the  
> common/autoidx-ng.xsl stylesheet module into your customization layer.
> If you upgrade to version 1.71.0 of the stylesheets, then the  
> default index settings will work with French.

Ok, I will make the upgrade.

> Just to clarify, the index.method parameter defines a method of  
> processing the index, not the language.  The 'english' index.method  
> really should have been named 'english.only', as it does not handle  
> accented characters. There is no 'french' method.    In version  
> 1.71.0, the 'english' value was dropped, and the default  
> index.method has been changed to 'basic'. Now it handles most  
> European accented characters, although you do have more control to  
> configure grouping with the kosek method.

Thanks for the explanation.


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