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Subject: Olink Processing Warnings

docbook-rng-5.0b8 xsl-1.71.0 saxon-6.5.5 oxygen-7.2.0 (eclipse-3.2 plugin) windowsXP


Receive this warning relating to olink processing, both in database file generation <xsl:param name="collect.xref.targets" select="'only'"/> and subsequent transformations <xsl:param name="collect.xref.targets" select="'no'"/>


Failure reading file:/usr/local/docbook/docbook-xsl/html/'/D:/workspace/foo/fooInternet/trunk/olinkdb.xml'


Believe the warning is based upon the following stringparms:


<xsl:param name="target.database.document" select="'/D:/workspace/foo/fooInternet/trunk/olinkdb.xml'"/>

<xsl:param name="targets.filename" select="'D:/workspace/foo/fooInternet/trunk/targetdb.xml'"/>


Note that target.database.document requires a forward slash prefix for the file to be located; unclear if this unique to Saxon. Have not tested this configuration in Linux.


The target database file is processed correctly (except for the <i> tag generation in Chapter title text) and the transformation correctly implements olinks.


Unclear why this warning is generated.





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