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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Translation Editor with TM support

XLIFF filter seems to be quite buggy when it comes to resolving the 
location off the DTD of DocBook. I even changed the SID in 
"docbook-xml-config.xml" of the XLIFF filter to my system full path (to 
be sure that no resolver gets in the way), but I have no chance, I get 
error messages like this:

    INFO: XmlConfig
    not found
    INFO: XmlConfig pid:-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.4//EN not found

'PID not found' is a mysterious to me, what does the tool want to find 
about a public identifier? And SID is correct!

So everything ends with the very first steps :-(

    Fekete Robert wrote:
> Hi, I have tried both OmegaT and Open Language Tools. Both are 
> supposed to support docbook, but unfortunately they have failed to 
> recognize my files.
> I guess the problem was that both try to identify docbook files based 
> on internal information, e.g., the DOCTYPE declaration, and this part 
> is not perfect. I haven't had much time for it :(
> If anyone else had more success, or knows how to circumvent the file 
> checking, please let me know. I'd love to use these tools to translate 
> our docbook files.
> BTW, both tools have mailing lists - maybe they could also help.
> Regards,
> Robert
> Georges Schmitz wrote:
>> Has anyone successfully used a (free) translation memory based
>> translation editor with DocBook. I'm observing now OmegaT for quite a
>> long time, but it seems that support for DocBook is not on their
>> priority list. Found today another candidate called
>> "open-language-tools" at https://open-language-tools.dev.java.net. At
>> least it comes with DocBook filters. Any experience with it, or are
>> there other valuable tools out there?
>> Thanks,
>> Georges

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