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Subject: Re: olink to an appendix seems to loose quotation marks around title in fo, xhtml and html

Well, I looked in en.xml. Apparently, for <xlink>s, chapters and
appendices and other children of book aren't supposed to have
quotation marks, while things like figures, examples, and equations
are supposed to have them. So, I guess that means <olink>'s behavior
is following that of <xlink> and that everything is ok. I've been
confused about this since I switched over to <olink>s and "modular

Sorry about the wild-goose-chase-type post.

On 10/18/06, Chris Chiasson <chris@chiasson.name> wrote:
> Are the quotation marks supposed to be there or not?
> I have noticed that for xlinks to equations and tables and figures,
> the generated text has quotation marks around the title.
> for instance:
> <olink targetdoc="self" targetptr="HW1_Appendix"/>
> produces (no quotation marks in any of them):
> xhtml:
> <a href="HW1_Appendix.xhtml" class="olink">Appendix A, Homework 1 Appendix</a>
> html:
> <a href="HW1_Appendix.html" class="olink">Appendix A, Homework 1 Appendix</a>
> fo:
> <fo:basic-link internal-destination="HW1_Appendix">Appendix┬ A,
> Homework 1 Appendix</fo:basic-link>
> (and no, that extra character at the end of appendix isn't visible in the PDF)
> --
> http://chris.chiasson.name/


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