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Subject: Using a MedaObject to get a PDF to scale to the page body size

I am attempting to use a "mediaobject" to insert a PDF into the body of my
docbook page. I want the pdf to maintain aspect ratio without extending over
the border of the body. However, even when I use scalefit="1 width="100%"
contentheight="100%", I can end up with the internal pdf taller then the
page body. It will often run over the region-after extent. 

I have tried many combinations, however, none seem to work. Is there a way
to do this?

Below is a chapter section of my docbook. I am using XEP.

  <title>Selecting a Provider</title>
	<imagedata fileref="http://webserver/my.pdf format="PDF" scalefit="1
width="100%" contentheight="100%" >
<?pagebreak ?>

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