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Subject: How to use copyright.years template in footer?


I try to use the copyright.years template from
common/common.xsl in my footer. 

My customization look like:

<xsl:param name="make.year.ranges" select="1"/>

<xsl:template name="footer.copyright">
  <xsl:call-template name="copyright.years">
    <xsl:with-param name="years" select="year"/>
    <xsl:with-param name="print.ranges"
    <xsl:with-param name="single.year.ranges"

<xsl:variable name="footercandidate">
    <xsl:when test="$sequence = 'odd' and $position =
      <xsl:call-template name="footer.copyright"/>

I would expect that in my footer something like
2001-2006 shows up but that's not happening. 

Is there anything wrong in above snippet?



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