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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] usefulness of Drupal Docbook output

I think someone has written wiki software that uses DocBook. I imagine
that the authors of various XML editors would like you to look at
their collaboration features. You could check on the current status of
DocBook support in the Apache Lenya CMS. I think one of the best
possible ways to collaborate with DocBook (and indeed any writing
activity where the authors are both trusted and computer literate) is
to use a Subversion repository.

On 11/2/06, neil.mcevoy@ondemand-network.com
<neil.mcevoy@ondemand-network.com> wrote:
> Ok, so assuming Drupal wasn't a bag of bolts ;-), is the scenario itself
> of any practical application? For example I don't know if Docbook is
> really only for desktop editing, serviced by a number of suitable client
> apps, or is the web/collaborative approach popular too?
> Again excuse my ignorance of the basics...
> Thanks, neil.
> > I've used Drupal before. I must say that it was horrible in terms of
> > outputting well formed pages due to its snippets feature. It was also
> > not very easy to make it send the right mime type for
> > application/xhtml+xml pages. The DocBook output feature on their main
> website didn't work properly either.


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