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Subject: Persian, Arabic or Hebrew FO output, need to get writing-mode=rl-tb

could you please tell me how can I get in my .FO output file, the attribute writing-mode="rl-tb"?
I need to have in my .FO file something like this:

<fo:block font-size="14pt"  font-family="Tahoma"  line-height="14pt" 
  space-after.optimum="12pt"   writing-mode="rl-tb" >

I send my XML file with dir="rtl" attribute to the XSLT
processor, and the dir="rtl" is just once defined in the root tag
<book dir="rtl">  or <article dir="rtl">.
Is this feature implemented?
Or should I add this part in my customizing layer?

How can I get
<fo:bidi-override> objects in my .FO output? Is bidi-override implemented?

Kia Teymourian

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