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Subject: an expression / a parameter within <xsl:include href='$xxx'/> not allowed?



until now I used


      <xsl:include href="../temp/titlepageFO.xsl"/>


and it worked fine. As I generalize my scripts from now on I have to use an expression

to build the href value.


My understanding of the XLS specification is, that expressions are allowed within an href attribute.


I tried


      <xsl:include href="$baseDir/temp/titlepageFO.xsl"/>

      <xsl:include href="{$baseDir/temp/titlepageFO.xsl}"/>

      <xsl:include href="{$baseDir}/temp/titlepageFO.xsl"/>


but none of these variants works nor with XALAN neither with SAXON. (The $baseDir parameter works surely, because it delivers the right value in another expression).


Has anybody an idea?


Best Regards


Joerg Moebius


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