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Subject: Acronyms and Abbreviations

I've always been tagging all of my acronyms and abbreviations with the proper DocBook elements, simply because it seemed to me that it was standard practice to do so when I first got started.

Now, however, I'm beginning to wonder why I keep doing this.  When I'm writing the type of technical documentation that I do (which is mainly hardware manuals), I tend to use *a lot* of acronyms and abbreviations, and I'm beginning to think that tagging them all is just adding unnecessary work, since I never do anything special with these elements when formatting/transforming my documents.

So, my question is this: should I bother using elements such as these that I don't really need?  It would seem that

    The <acronym>CPU</acronym> runs at 2.0 <abbrev>GHz</abbrev>

is superfluous if I don't ever use Acronym and Abbrev for anything.

- Colin

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