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Subject: [docbook-apps] imageobject is not displayed with any backend other than HTML

On Nov  6, John Lumby (johnlumby@hotmail.com) wrote:
 > I am trying to include a graphics object in a document that I format using 
 > pdf backend (pdfjadetex).     I have tried every imagainable variation on a 
 > basic theme of
 > <inlinemediaobject>
 > <imageobject role="fo">
 > <imagedata fileref="diagram.pdf"  format="PDF">
 > </imageobject>
 > </inlinemediaobject>
 > I have tried with different formats of the diagram file including JPG and 
 > PS.   I have tried specifying positioning and sizing attributes such as 
 > contentwidth="5in" contentdepth="7in" width="6in" depth="8in" on imagedata.  
 >        I get blanks space if the backend is pdf or ps or tex.   It works 
 > fine and the diagram is displayed if I format for html.
 > My dtd is 4.5CR3:
 > <!doctype article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.5CR3//EN" [
 > ]>
 > I format like so:
 > jw -s /usr/local/share/sgml -f 
 > /usr/local/share/sgml/docbook/utils-0.6.14/frontends/docbook -b pdf -p 
 > /usr/local/bin/openjade -o <mydir> document.sgml
 > I see no errors from the parser or from pdfjadetex.     But no diagram.      
 > Since the diagram appears in an html backend document, the above 
 > image-related docbook elements can't be completely wrong (and I took them 
 > from examples in the definitive guide anyway).
 > I see plenty of references to other people doing this but not this problem.  
 >     Can anyone suggest what I am missing?
 > BTW I discovered that I could make the document appear by formatting to 
 > backend tex, editing the document.tex and adding some tex commands to
 > \includegraphics{diagram.pdf}
 > and then pdfjadetex'ing it.
 > But there must be a better way ???
 > John

I have successfully used this construct:

        <imagedata fileref="diagram.eps" format="eps">
        <imagedata fileref="diagram.jpg" format="jpg">

The eps image gets used in the PDF output, the jpg image gets used in the HTML

Neil Roeth

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