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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] imageobject is not displayed with any backend other than HTML

Thanks both of you.

Neil Roeth wrote
>I have successfully used this construct:
>     <mediaobject>
>       <imageobject>
>         <imagedata fileref="diagram.eps" format="eps">
>       </imageobject>
>       <imageobject>
>         <imagedata fileref="diagram.jpg" format="jpg">
>       </imageobject>
>     </mediaobject>
>The eps image gets used in the PDF output, the jpg image gets used in the 
>HTML output.

I have seen mention of "EPS" files but never used them.   Also don't know 
how to make one.    Assuming I have an ordinary postscript file, can I just 
name it .EPS or do I need to postprocess it?

Jerry Janofsky wrote

>Here is my suggestion to force it to render: Use the imagedata attributes 
>I have shown below.
>  <imageobject>
>   <imagedata width="100%" scalefit="1" contentdepth="100%"
>fileref="PathToYourGraphic" contentdepth="100%"/>
>  </imageobject>
Tried that and got errors :
duplicate specification of attribute "CONTENTDEPTH"
end tag for element "IMAGEOBJECT" which is not open
end tag for element "INLINEMEDIAOBJECT" which is not open
I removed the duplicate contentdepth and trailing / delimiter and it then 
reverted to reporting no errors and not rendering the diagram.


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