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Subject: U+211D (a unicode character) doesn't show up in the output PDF

... but it does show up in the xhtml and html output

From what I understand, even if the character isn't in the default
font, then the xsl-fo processor should find an appropriate substitute
font and use that. I know my system does have (at least two) fonts
that support this character, so what might be going wrong?

I'm using the adware XEP version.

here is a representative xml snip:


The missing character, &#8477; ,  is the double struck capital R, for
representing all real numbers.

I'm using a fairly default xslt customization layer for the fo side:

xep.extensions is 1

no setting of fonts (or of font sizes in the section where I used the equation)


no special options to XEP except that it is using the mode that
outputs eps instead of pdf


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