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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] U+211D (a unicode character) doesn't show up in the output PDF

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chris Chiasson
> From what I understand, even if the character isn't in the default
> font, then the xsl-fo processor should find an appropriate substitute
> font and use that. I know my system does have (at least two) fonts
> that support this character, so what might be going wrong?

Have you added the fonts to the configuration in xep.xml? Have you checked
that they are specified in the font-family property in the FO file?

> The missing character, ℝ ,  is the double struck capital R, for
> representing all real numbers.

> no special options to XEP except that it is using the mode that
> outputs eps instead of pdf

Does it work with PDF output? 

I use XEP 4.7 on Windows. I don't know if this helps you, but I did a little

1) When generating PDF, the 'double struck capital R' looks fine, using the
Arial Unicode MS font (TrueType).

2) When generating PostScript from the same FO file as in 1), I get this

xep.bat -quiet -fo chars.fo -ps
[error] Broken font file 'file:/C:/Windows/Fonts/arialuni.ttf'.
[error] java.io.IOException: Font ArialUnicodeMS is unsupported, please
report to manufacturer.

Here is a snippet from the XEP reference manual regarding TrueType fonts:

"These fonts are supported by PDF generator module only. PostScript
generator can only use Type 1 and OpenType/CFF fonts (except for CID ones);"

So it seems that you can't use TrueType fonts with PostScript output. 


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