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Subject: Resolving xi:include with xpointer="element()"

I am trying to resolve xi:includes that are inserted in my DocBook XML
by XMLMind XML Editor (Standard Edition 3.5.0).  I have used the "copy
as reference" feature of XXE to reference a child element in another
document.  When I paste the referenced element into the document I am
trying to publish, XXE adds this code:

  <xi:include href="source-document.xml"
              xpointer="element(IdOfMySection)" />

This is a wonderful way to author my DocBook content.  But I am having
trouble finding a way to resolve these xi:includes before passing the
content into the Saxon processor.

Is there a tool that will process xi:include elements that use

I've been poring through the list archives and DocBook XSL: The Complete
Guide for some time, without finding one.  My latest hope is that
updating my Cygwin installation with the latest libxml2 in the hopes
that "xmllint --xinclude" will handle this xpointer.  Pardon me if I'm
missing something obvious.

Thanks for your help.

Peter Desjardins
SupplyScape Corporation
+1 781 503 7441

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