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Subject: olinking - invalid target.db


When generating target.db files for documents the result for elements such as 
chapter produces

<div element="chapter" href="#d0e55" number="1">
      <xreftext>Chapter 1, <i>Overview</i>

when using the html stylesheets
when using the fo styleseets a fo:inline replaces the <i>

This creates a problem when using a main olink.db created against 

Both HTML element <i> and <fo:inline> are not declared in targetdatabase.dtd 
with the result that the olink.db is invalid.

I wonder, why must the docbook stylesheets include the italic formatting in 
this way. Surely the formatting should be controlled somewhere else such as a 
inline like <emphasis>?

Ask me about the Monkey.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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