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Subject: Re: Fink and DarwinPorts packagers?

docbook-apps-digest-help@lists.oasis-open.org on Saturday, February 3,
2007 at 8:51 PM -0800 wrote:
>For improved handling/distribution of docbook-xsl releases, I'm
>trying to put together a plan to work in closer coordination with
>the people who are packaging docbook-xsl for different platforms/
>distros. I'd like to get in contact with the maintainers of the
>Fink and Darwinports docbook-xsl packages. Are you on this list?
>Or to Fink and Darwinports users: If you can check your systems
>and get my a name and e-mail address for the docbook-xsl packager,
>I would much appreciate it.

>> It's Thomas Kotzian <thomas.kotzian@gmx.at>.
>No more, I've taken over the maintainership since he was not reactive

What question is being answered here?  Is this a Fink maintainer?  Of what
specific ports?  I am a MacPorts packager, formerly DarwinPorts.  I think
the docbook ports are a little out of date because the maintainer of most
of them is not active anymore.  I'd be happy to get permission and bring
them up to the latest releases.  MacPorts packagers tend to update to new
releases much more quickly than most and I hate to see old ports in the
tree.  But I'm a Docbook newbie and I don't know whether older docbook
ports need to be retained or whether older releases can be replaced, etc. 
Here are the current Docbook related ports.  Please tell me what needs to
be done to get MacPorts up to date for DocBook.

docbook-dsssl                  textproc/docbook-dsssl 1.79         the
docbook dsssl stylesheets
docbook-xml                    textproc/docbook-xml 4.3          the
docbook xml dtds
docbook-xml-412                textproc/docbook-xml-412 4.1.2        the
docbook xml dtds
docbook-xml-scrollkeeper       textproc/docbook-xml-scrollkeeper 4.2      
   the docbook xml dtds
docbook-xsl                    textproc/docbook-xsl 1.69.1       the
docbook xsl stylesheets


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