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Subject: [SPAM] Glossary Sorting: Working as Intended?

Hi there,

I've upgraded our build process to use docbook-xsl 1.72.0, and added 
glossary.sort = 1 to the customised layer.

Our glossary is divided into <glossdiv>s, one for each initial letter. 
glossentries within a glossdiv are sorted correctly; for example, if I put 
"account" after "aggregate", the resulting PDF shows the entries in the 
correct order.

However, if I put "account" into the <glossdiv> for "B", this entry isn't 
moved to the correct position in the glossdiv for "A". I was just curious if 
this was as intended?

(Obviously it's not that likely an occurrence to happen, but would still be 
a nice-to-have.)




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