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Subject: Commands, image borders, and paper size

Hello Bob,

Thank you for your answers - they were extremely helpful and I was 
able to get the features working in no time. I have a few more, if I may.

1. I was able to use the entities as you explained, to create a 
"command" that represents a product name. However, in LaTex we were 
able to pass parameters to such a command. For example:


This way, we could write "\placediagram{<image name>}{<image caption>}"

Can we do something like that with DocBook?

2. Is there a way to add a simple line border to images at the 
code/command level (and not graphically on the images)?

3. When compiling A5 format, the paper size seems to be smaller (in 
PDF), however the text is not resized, but rather spread to the next 
page, over the header. A5 has a larger page total than its A4 counterpart.

Again, thank you very much.

Eitan Zabari
Technical Communicator

Jungo Software Technologies
E-mail: eitanz@jungo.com
Web: http://www.jungo.com
Phone: +972-9-8859365 ext. 224
Fax: +972-9-8859366
Mobile: +972-54-2271318

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