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Subject: [SPAM] Japanese Stylesheet

Hi all,

We're created a Japanese customized layer, and the results are almost what 
we desire. However, our Japanese translator has pointed out what she feels 
are some small errors:

1. The "List of Figures" label translates in the output to "Figures Tables 
of Contents"; our translator says it should read literally "Figures List" 

2. "List of Tables" should similarly be "Tables List" 表一覧

3. "Instead of literally "Chapter <n>", a Japanese chapter heading should 
read "Ordinal <n> Chapter" - for example, 第2章.

I was wondering how I might implement these changes now in our customized 
layer, and, also, if there is agreement that these suggestions are correct, 
is it possible they could be rolled into a future version of docbook-xsl?




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