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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] "WYSIWYG Writer" Friendly Editing Tools

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 17:51, Johnson, Eric wrote:
> One of the issues facing the writing group with which I work is finding
> tools that are "WYSIWYG writer" friendly so that the majority of writers in
> the group don't immediately give up on writing documentation in XML because
> "it looks ugly", "I don't know what it will look like when I'm done", "it
> looks too much like code", "there is no support for automatically keeping
> track of cross reference anchors", and so on. There is a long history of
> Frame Maker use in the group and an ongoing effort to make Frame Maker,
> using a template that looks and feels exactly like our old unstructured
> Frame Maker template, edit Docbook XML. The effort to make Frame Maker work
> as a Docbook editor has gotten close, but  there are a number of things it
> just cannot handle yet and I'd much rather spend my time, and that of the
> other writers, getting comfortable with a lighter weight tool that actually
> is built for working with XML. Does anybody have suggestions for either an
> XML editor that is close to WYSIWYG and supports text entities? XXE does a
> great job with WYSIWYG, but does not support text entities. Suggestions
> about how to break the dependency on WYSIWIG would also be greatly
> appreciated.

Try Syntext Serna or XXE (XMLmind Professional)
Sean Wheller
Technical Author
email: sean@inwords.co.za
im: seanwhe@jabber.org
skype: seanwhe
cel: +27-84-854-9408
web: http://www.inwords.co.za

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