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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] well formatted xml doc with MoinMoin

On 2/15/07, renato.pontefice <renato.pontefice@gruppoesc.it> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I produce my xml doc, in the MoinMoin Wiki, but when I try to validate
> it I receive errors all the time. Looking on the net, I've found that
> there is some prob on the actual MoinMoin version. In other words it
> seems MoinMoin it's unable to produce correct xml. So, I'm wondering if
> there is some one that can send me one correct xml file (made by
> MoinMoin) that I will try to validate by my tollchain (eDE in win).

Some of the docbook.org wiki's pages were valid the last time I tried
to export (see comment here:
http://norman.walsh.name/2006/11/28/dbwiki). In general, I've never
found a wiki system that could create valid DocBook reliably.


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