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Subject: Setting different levels of chunking within one document



I would like to find out how to ensure the correct chunking for a document that has its sections nested in different depths (from 2 up to 6 levels). Originally this document consists of about 1000 small XML files which are then pulled together into one big file before processing starts. Each of these small files represents a section that should not be chunked any more.


I tried to control the chunking manually as described at http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Chunking.html

but the maketoc.xsl stylesheet always produces a file with very small number of <tocentry> elements – even if I use the chunk.section.depth parameter with different values. This means that I would have to add too many entries manually to achieve the structure I want.


So my questions are:

-          How to get covered the complete structure of my document by the maketoc.xsl?

-          Is there any other way of setting different levels of chunking?


Thanks a lot for your help.



GMC Software Technology
Jana Volencova
Technical Writer
Hořická 283
500 02 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

Phone:  +420 495 402 043
Fax:  +420 495 402 010

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