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Subject: [SPAM] Re: [docbook-apps] intrinsic size of images

I found the problem by validating a sample file with the attributes you were trying to use.  The description in my book has a typo.  Where it says contentheight, the attribute name is actually contentdepth in DocBook.  When I validated, it pointed out that I had an invalid attribute. 
If you are using FOP 0.93, then it works with the right attribute name.  If you are using FOP 0.20.5, it is a known problem that it does not handle image scaling correctly.
Hi Bob,
I'd previously been working on upgrading our build from FOP 0.25 to 0.93, and have just picked up that project again.
Everything is fine, apart from image sizes. It appears that the default behavior for graphics in fop 0.25 for PDF output (where no imagedata attributes are set), is:
* images that fit the width of the page are displayed at their intrinsic size,
* images are too wide are shrunk to fit on the page.
This worked fine for our purposes. However, in fop 0.93, all images are displayed at their "intrinsic" size, so any which are too wide simply flow off the page.
Rather than having to set attributes for every single image (our docs contain a lot of screenshots), if there any customization possible which forces FOP .93 to mimic the FOP 0.25 treatment of images?

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