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Subject: ulink-generated footnotes in Glossary

I'm using FOP 0.93, with Docbook 4.5 / 1.72.0.

I have ulink set up to show the actual URL as a footnote for PDF 
output.  This works fine in the normal chapters.  I have one section of 
the book which is not a chapter, but is a <glossary>.  The ulinks here 
which should generate footnotes, seem to partially work.  The PDF shows 
the footnote callout inline in the text, but there is no corresponding 
footnote actually generated.

When I looked at the XSL-FO output - around the footnote, it seems OK - 
there's a
  <fo:inline...>2</fo:inline>            <<<< The footnote number
  <fo:footnote-body ...>
         <fo:inline....>2</fo:inline>        <<<<< the footnote number 
preceeding the footnote itself
         <fo:basic-link ... >text that should show in the footnote, but 
isn't, here</fo:basic-link>

which looks right to me. This only seems to happen inside a <glossary> 

Any hints on how to get the footnote to show in glossary sections 
appreciated :-)

-Marshall Schor

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