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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Please respond: adding generic sibling to high-levelbook components

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Scott Hudson a écrit :
> Right. This element would be considered for addition in v5.0...
> Question is: should these elements be collapsed with the intention of
> applying a class or type attribute (e.g. <bookmatter class="preface"
> label="Preface" /> or is it still semantically meaningful to leave the
> existing structures, but use the generic one for any additional needed
> sibling structures?

The less elements the happier Camille.

Rationale: When our clients come to docbook they are frightened by the
number of elements. So we provide them with a limited list so they can
get started. But while they start learning new elements they realize
they should have called that element <preface> rather than <chapter>.
And it's easier to add an attribute to specialize the element rather
than renaming it, possibly with content model issues.

My 2 euro cents.


> Not that we want to go and "hack and slash" many of the elements in DB
> 5.0, but now would be the time to make any backward-incompatible changes...
> Best regards,
> --Scott
> Keith Fahlgren wrote:
>> On 2/22/07, Scott Hudson <scott.hudson@flatironssolutions.com> wrote:
>>> Technically, Preface, Chapter and Appendix have the same content model.
>> Yeah, to be explicit, in DocBook 4.4, they have the same children, but
>> not the same attributes. chapter/@label but no preface/@label :-(
>> [that's a big bummer for me] in DocBook 4.4. This is "fixed" in
>> DocBook 5, so that's why it's may be a moot point to differentiate
>> between chapter|preface|appendix anymore.
>>> What about calling this generic structure "bookmatter" (since we can't
>>> call it frontmatter or endmatter)?
>> I like that.
>> Keith

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