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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] programlistingo with fop 0.93

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ian Moor 
> I am using fop 0.93 and  1.72.0 stylesheet and formatting a 
> document  with a programlistingco
> I have set fop1.extensions
>                use.extensions
>                callout.extension
>                callout.graphics
> The output for the callout bug is 
> <fo:external-graphic alt=""  ..>
>   which fop does not accept because of the alt attribute  
>        fo:external-graphic, Invalid property name 'alt
>  The fo for the callout list  bug doesn't have  an alt.
>   I searched the stylesheet for the code that is writing the 
> alt, bu no luck.
>  Is it a fop bug rejecting the alt ?

I suppose that you are using Xalan. The error is caused by a bug in the
DocBook Xalan extension that handles callouts. An alt attribute should be
emitted for HTML, but not for FO. 

I have checked in a fix to the SVN repository. Unfortunately, there is
something wrong with the snapshot build system, so there is currently no
easy way to test the fix.


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