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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] callout-lists and HTML/PDF creation withxsltproc/libxslt

Am Montag, den 26.02.2007, 22:14 -0800 schrieb Bob Stayton:

> I'm afraid that both the line numbering feature and the inserted callouts 
> feature are both implemented as Java extensions in Xalan and Saxon, and 
> won't work with xsltproc.

Hm. I know changed to use <screen> with <co> instead of <screenco> or
<programlistingco> which seems to work fine except a bug in the PDF
output (callout graphics, that should be put besides each other are put
under each other). I attached a sample output
of ../docbook/trunk/defguide/en/refpages/elements/screenco/example.1.gen
(as XML article) that shows this bug - I guess it's really a bug in the
FO stylesheets, because HTML output works fine.

> I understand your quandary about needing xsltproc's XInclude feature as 
> well.  One solution is to process the XIncludes with xmllint to create a 
> temp file, and process the temp file with Saxon with extensions to get the 
> callouts or line numbers.

Yeah. This could have been a solution :) I just have one problem with
that: The extensions do not exist on Debian systems. Unfortunately I
cannot provide them with the docbook-xsl package. Maybe it could be a
way to provide the extensions (and only the extensions, not the whole
saxon.jar) as separate java archive (something like
saxon-nwalsh-ext.jar). But I don't know, if this is possible or if the
Saxon version in docbook-xsl's SVN is heavily patched. I should ask our
pkg-java team. They should probably know.

Thanks for your answer.

Regards, Daniel


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