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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] callout-lists and HTML/PDF creationwithxsltproc/libxslt

Am Dienstag, den 27.02.2007, 00:09 -0800 schrieb Bob Stayton:
> > Yeah. This could have been a solution :) I just have one problem with
> > that: The extensions do not exist on Debian systems. Unfortunately I
> > cannot provide them with the docbook-xsl package.
> I don't understand.  Are you saying the DocBook XSL package on Debian 
> excludes the extensions directory of the distribution?


> Why?


> What else does it leave out?

I don't ship the docsrc/ directory atm. It was re-added to the
distribution recently and atm I don't see a need to ship it. But this
was already discussed with Michael Smith. Further empty files and
doubled information. The packaging files are not a secret.

I would like to see the extensions in Debian. But to avoid doubled work,
it would be very nice to have a Java archive with only the extensions.
As I said: I should forward this to a different group (and did this

You didn't say anything about the PDF-output I attached. Is it a bug or
the intended design?

Regards, Daniel

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