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Subject: Translating DocBook XML documents to other languages

I was browsing the web and found archives of the list where a similar  
question was asked.

There are a number of non-free and sometimes expensive (most of the  
times not multiplatform) tools that support DocBook XML.

Free and multiplatform software that supports DocBook XML are few and  
I personally only use 2 of them: both java apps that run flawlessly  
on a Mac and with both strong and week points.

The applications are:

OmegaT (for which I do a lot of user support, and the reason I am  
here is that I am rewriting the manual in DocBook) which is more  
documentation translation oriented: it is aimed at freelance  
translators and is very simple to use. OmegaT supports a number of  
standard documentation files that it parses automatically to search  
for translatable segments.


OpenLanguageTools, recently "freed" by SUN where it was their  
internal localization front end. The back end has et to be opened.  
OLT uses a anything2xliff kind of drag and drop filter and thus is  
more a XLIFF file editor. The absence of back end makes the  
conversion process unnecessarily cumbersome and sometimes very long  
for big files sets, and the main advantage of using XLIFF (adding  
internal matching information) is not made into use because of that.


Both tools support the use of external references memories in the TMX  

Jean-Christophe Helary

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