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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Better-looking DocBook XSL-FO stylesheets?

Title: RE: [docbook-apps] Better-looking DocBook XSL-FO stylesheets?

>> I suppose that almost each project which is using DocBook and FO for

generating printed output uses more or less customized stylesheets. <<

I don't believe the issue is capability; substantial tailoring can be obtained from the stringparms. This, combined with the stability and maturity of the stylesheets is a boon to most of us. However stylesheet customizations are another story. Unless one is proficient in stylesheet development and has extensive Docbook stylesheet understanding, customization can be a daunting experience. While Bob Stayton's book is a tremendous asset and considered by many (including me) as prerequisite to any stylesheet customization attempt, the complexity of the Docbook stylesheets is the core issue. I continue to struggle with customization and believe a more uniform template structure (naming included) that supports simple wrapping is warranted. Currently, one must endeavor to trace the call-templates, apply-templates and template matches to ascertain why a simple customization has failed to yield the desired results.

Maybe something to consider for 2.0


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