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Subject: xweb

Just looking for ideas.

I've written rng schemas and documented them using both html and the
relax annotation namespace.

I'm now stuck with wanting to mix docbook and relax documentation.
Each time I have to link out from a webpage or chunked section to the
rng documentation in html which I've generated seperately.

I'm moving the embedded documentation to docbook v5 namespace, but 
before I waste time on it, I wondered if anyone  had any ideas on how it 
might work most efficiently?

The goal would be.

1. Take any old relax schema.
2. Wrap it to make an xweb file (clearly with no documentation).
3. Enter the documentation parts manually, in the docbook namespace.
4. Process the xweb file to generate 'pure' docbook, as the 'tangled' 
5. If needed, strip out the docbook to leave a normal relax ng schema 
('weave' stage).

It is nice to have an html view of the schema that you can navigate 
easily in html.

Suggestions appreciated.


Dave Pawson

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