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Subject: Catalog related problem

I'm running into a strange problem with the stylesheets that
I've traced as far as CatalogManager.properties, but am now
stumped on.

I have the 1.70.0 and 1.72.0 stylesheets installed, and I'm
using saxon 6.5.3 on Suse 10.  My source is written to the
Website V2.5.0 dtd.

When I run the website stylesheets, pointing to 1.70.0, the
banner, navigation, and footer process correctly, but the
main content of the page does not process; instead a series
of messages get generated in the form:

Element XXX in namespace '' encountered in yyy, but no template matches

What's strange here is that this message is not generated by
the 1.70.0 stylesheets; in fact it's generated by the 1.72.0
stylesheets (which I confirmed by moving those stylesheets
temporarily to a different name).

It doesn't surprise me that the 1.72 stylesheets aren't happy
with websites, since the README file says the website stylesheets
haven't been modified for namespaces.  But, I can't figure out
why the 1.72 stylesheets are being invoked in the first place.

In tracing back the problem, I determined that if I edit the
CatalogManager.properties file to remove the reference to the
1.72.0 stylesheets (or if I just rename the 1.72.0 directory)
everything works fine.  So, I'm pretty sure that the catalog
mechanism is involved, but I can't figure out where or whether
this is a setup problem or a bug.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Dick Hamilton

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