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Subject: Updating title page customizations for Docbook V5.0


I have been updating our internal specification tool chain to use DocBook V5.0. We have a hefty DocBook XSL stylesheet customization layer, but I was making good progress, at least after I realized that I needed to add the DocBook namespace prefix to all my customization layer templates... :)

Anyway, the title page customization seems to cause some trouble. My title page customizations are not coming through; in fact I don't get a title page at all. I suspect this is because the templates in my generated custom title page stylesheet are not matching the DocBook elements correctly, probably because of namespace issues.

I'm a bit lost as to what I should do with the title page spec XML file, so that processing it with template/titlepage.xsl would produce the right kind of templates. I'm currently using the DocBook V5.0 XSL stylesheets v1.72.0, so I'm dealing with namespaces already, but the template/titlepage.xsl is exactly the same in both the original and DocBook V5.0 versions of the DocBook XSL stylesheets (v1.72.0), which makes me wonder.

Is there a way to do this already now, or is there an update pending for the template/titlepage.xsl in the DocBook V5.0 stylesheets? I think titlepage.xsl would need to be aware of the DocBook namespace prefix used in the customization layer to generate the correct templates so that they match, perhaps using a stylesheet parameter.

I tried this in my customtitlepagespec.xml file:

<t:titlepage t:element="docbook:book" t:wrapper="fo:block">
  <t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">

but this copies the "docbook:" namespace prefix to the name of the template, among other places, and also complains about the namespace prefix not being declared (even when it is, in the t:templates element).

Any ideas about what to do or where to look?


Jere Käpyaho (jere.kapyaho@nokia.com)
Specialist, Developer Platform Standardization @
Technology Platforms @
Nokia Corporation

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